Bohol Trip (E.A.T. Danao Adventure Park)

It was a rainy dawn of Aug. 3, 2011 when we left our place, took a cab trying to catch the plane going to Tagbilaran, Bohol. It was my first time to travel down the visayan region, and I’m so glad that despite of heavy rain in Manila the golden sun reigned in Bohol.


took a photo when we were landing

We set our foot in Tagbilaran Airport nearly lunch. We did not waste any single minute to wander Bohol. And to make the most of the island attractions we enlisted the help of a local tour guide Darius with his van.

Our first destination was in Danao, Bohol where you can reach by less than 2 hours. E.A.T. Danao Adventure Park offers adventure facilities and activities that include: River Kayaking, River Trekking, River Tubing, Root Climbing, Wall Climbing, Bouldering, Rappelling, Caving, and the new cable ride facilities: the Sky Ride, Suislide, and the Plunge. We all took Suislide first which is the local version for zipline, a sky ride or a slide for life. Sui-slide is coined from the word, “Suis“ (the sound of the cable ride once you get to slide) and “slide”. It could also mean for some who is so much petrified with heights to be a suicidal slide. It traverses around half a kilometer from one mountain to another, taking you to less than a minute exhilarating ride…

Next, we (nico, annjoey, and nina) conquered the Plunge which was really a heart breaker’s. First they gonna hold you in the air for a while, then, they gonna loose you down and fall over a 200 meters high and 300 meters wide gorge for swinging. There are two ways you can take the Plunge, seating or hanging upside down. Nico, Annjoey, and Nina used the upside down position because the operator said it’s much better experience and easier on the nerves. Me, i did the seating down position which was harder because you will feel your innards rising up to your throat, Hahaha. The experience from the Plunge is unexplainable. It’s like soaring for a brief time and the feeling of being flung across the gorge was exhilarating. 

We fed our stomach with calamares, some vege and adobong pusit plus of course a coke zero for me hehehe. Then proceed to our last adventure in danao, the kayaking.

 We loaded ourselves in Makati’s multi cab given by Mayor Binay to the town of Danao going down in wahig river, made a little walk. Kayaking was not really thrilled us so after swaying a couple of distance, me and my wife  just let Ruth and her family to finish the route. I just took some pictures while waiting them.

All in all, i really enjoyed these taste of adventure of what E.A.T. Danao has to offer and hopefully in the future i could come back here again and experience the whole adventure package. Darius drove back us again in Tagbilaran City where we stayed for a night in Bohol State University to recover from all the accumulated stress.


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