Bohol (Day 2 Countryside Tour)

Aug. 4, 2011 our day 2 bohol tour. We’re packed and ready to go to our 1st destination the Hinagdanan Cave, of course took a picture to my models hehehe.

Along the way,  i amused to take photo in these tricycles of Bohol. They’re really different from tricycles in Manila particularly in P.U.P.. According to our driver (Darius) only 3 passengers are allowed in these tricycles, while here in P.U.P. you can packed 5 passengers.

Finally, we reached our 1st destination, say cheese…..

Hinagdanan Cave is found in Barangay Bingag, Dauis, Panglao Island, which is just a 5-10 minute ride from Tagbilaran City. Hinagdanan Cave is a karst cave; meaning, it is made of limestone. The cave is within easy reach. To reach it, one will have to walk through dense vegetation of just about one kilometer. One will find the entrance of the cave, a hole about 1 meter wide in diameter, visible from a limestone hill. Cemented steps lead to the interior of the cave. The cave is a slippery, but there’s a railing  to hold on to. Inside the cave, there’s also a lagoon whose glimmering greenish surface is produced by the green limestone at the bottom of the pool.



Bought some souvenirs.

Departing Hinagdanan Cave, our van traveled the road going to Baclayon Church and pulled over for a while in panglao resort entrance for some photos.

Baclayon Church Bell Tower

The Baclayon Church also known as “Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church” is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

Next adventure was in Albur Zoo, where you could see the largest python in the world.

"“Prony”, a 25-foot python supposedly to be the world’s largest python in captivity.

 everybody was starving….. so, we went to loboc where Rio Verde Floating Resto located.

The Floating Resto started below the Loay Bridge which traverses the Loboc river where the nipa trees are abundant and less of man made structures.

They serenaded us while eating our lunch.

The cruise end in the ethnic village which showcasing their village life. I’m just not sure if they are true Eskaya indigeneous tribe of Bohol or just some locals depicting the tribe.

After Loboc we headed in one of the main attraction of Bohol, The Tarsier Conservation Area. Tarsier is a tiny animal measuring about 4 to 6 inches (15 cm) in height. The small size makes it difficult to spot. The average mass for males is around 134 grams, and for females, around 117 grams. The average adult is about the size of a human fist and will fit very comfortably in the human hand.

Tarsier is a shy nocturnal animal that leads a mostly hidden life, asleep during the day and only active to look for food during the night. During the day, it sleeps in dark hollows close to the ground, near the trunks of trees and shrubs deep in the impenetrable bushes and forests. They only become active at night, and even then, with their much better sight and amazing ability to maneuver around trees, are very well able to avoid humans.

We invaded the road for a couple of photos.

We reached the famous Chocolate Hills as the rain going to fall, so we didn’t waste any time to go up just to behold the marvelous hills. The Chocolate hills are scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan, and consist of 1,268 of the same general shape.

Viewing Deck on top of Chocolate Hills Complex

Last destination was the Hanging Bridge which is located in the Municipality of Sevilla, Bohol. My dslr ran out of battery so i used my digicam. The bridge swaying when you take a step and if you look down while walking, it seems  your going to fall. Across the bridge you’ll find a souvenir shop which was cheaper than in hinagdanan cave and the buko store of Buko King – the man who can remove the husks of a coconut in just seconds using his teeth!

Next: Day 3: Balicasag Island and Virgin Island


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