Bohol Trip Day 3 (Balicasag Island, Virgin Island)

On the third day of the tour, we headed to Panglao shore where boat was waiting to take us on our island snorkeling adventure to Balicasag Island. We had some photos for remembrance. Star fish scattered all over the shore.

After an hour of boat ride through relatively mild waves, we made it to our first stop – the Balicasag Island.

Then, we boarded the boats again through snorkeling area, but this time a small boat with a capacity of three to four persons only.

Right off the beach a few dozen meters is a steep shelf which is an excellent site for snorkeling. I think the fish were  curious of us as we were one of them. The corrals were glowing and glimmers, unfortunately, the water was a little choppy that day, but the water was still clear and you could see a whole new world just a few feet underneath us. It was a wondrous spectacle when you were down the water, you’ll feel like you’re inside the aquarium.

After having lunch at Balicasag, we went to our last island to visit in Bohol – The Virgin Island.  It’s a small island opposite to Balicasag Island. A twenty five minutes boat ride from Balicasag Island, this bears the famous white sand with a U-shape – with no trees, no shrubbery, not even a hint of shade.

The three-day, two-night tour was such a great adventure and has renewed my love for travel, and discovering places.

Panglao Shore

going to balicasag island

 Balicasag Island

 Balicasag Island

snorkeling area


Virgin Island, Bohol

virgin island


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