Ilocos Road Travel

Recently, we went on a road trip vacation to Ilocos. Our mission was to see the famous places in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte while experiencing the joy of travelling on the road. Our vacation rules were simple – see as much tourist destinations as we can.

After visiting the grave of my father-in-law, i was able to take a pix of Amburayan River which beside Bangar, La Union cemetery.

Amburayan River

Tagudin, first town of Ilocos Sur



Old Quirino Bridge and a new one

Upon reaching Vigan, we hired a calesa to explore the cities cobblestone streets and view its majestic collection landmarks and architectural structures.


First stop was the “St. Augustine church” and the Bantay Bell tower.




Pagburnayan or "Pottery"


 We visited Paoay Church,the best known earthquake Baroque church in the Philippines which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The cornerstone of the church was laid by the Augustinian missionaries in 1704 while the cornerstone of the belfry was laid in 1793.

Fort Ilocandia

Along the lazy shores of Paoay Lake stands an imposing structure that remains true to the old-rich Spanish architecture of the province — the Malacañang of the North, also known in the local dialect as Malacañang ti Amianan.

 Our visit to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos town made me realize how something so old and weathered can still serve its purpose.

A creation of the 1890s, Cape Bojeador lighthouse still does its job as a beacon to all ships entering the Philippine territory from the North. With the winds blowing so hard that day, it was quite unnerving to climb the lighthouse’s steep, winding staircase. But it was refreshing to be rewarded with this view.

 After an exhilarating experience in Vigan, we headed off to our next destination the Bangui Wind Farm. For those who have not seen the infomercial of Sen. Bongbong Marcos, these are the giant electric fans along the coast of Ilocos Norte.

Our last destination was Pagudpud- the boracay of the north. Pagudpud is a wide and beautiful town on the northwest tip of Ilocos Norte, Luzon, bounded to the south by the town of Bangui and to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Range, the town of Adams and the province of Cagayan. The South China Sea lies to the west and north.

 We checked in for overnight in Arinaya Beach Resort. Arinaya’s rooms and cottages are place in a lush tropical beachfront offering full ocean views. The resort flaunts its natural raw appeal and its pure white sand beach and crystal blue waters. This is a small charming resort that stands in the beautiful scenic town of Pagudpud, on the northmost tip of Ilocos. 


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