Thunderbird Resorts (Poro-Point, Sn. Fernando, La Union)

After descending in Baguio we dropped by in Thunderbird Resorts in Poro-Point,  Sn. Fernando, La Union. The only five-star hotel in the Northern Philippine region located on a scenic cliff, overlooking the white sand beach and the edge of a headland that dips into the South China Sea. The resort’s design is influenced by the Santorini Islands of Greece. The 65-hectare resort boasts of stylish, ambient luxury suites perched on 100-ft cliff. On the waterfront, the Beach Club offers the dream relaxation concept, complete with a hillside veranda, a lounge area, and an outdoor spa. Its seaside landscape also includes an active boardwalk where you can be kissed by the warmth of the tropical sun.



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