Pahiyas Festival

My wife and I had a chance to witness the famous Pahiyas festival in Lucban, Quezon last May 14-15. This festival is held in honor of “Farmer’s Patron” San Isidro Labrador. This is also the locales way to give thanks for their bountiful harvest. They decorate their houses with colorful kiping or rice wafers, crops, fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Most of the house owners were very kind and accommodating and allowed us to go up in their balcony for picture taking. At first we were trigger-happy with every decorated house we saw until we were kind of accustomed to it after just an hour of exploration and everything seemd to be the same already. It was our first time to Pahiyas Festival so we can’t compare whether the crowd this time was bigger than the previous celebrations.

A trip to Lucban would not be complete without trying its famous pancit habhab and langgonisa. Pancit habhab is a known specialty of Lucban made from sautéed noodles with chopped pork, shrimp and vegetables mixed with just the right amount of spices. It is placed in a rectangular banana leaf and eaten without using any utensils thus the name “habhab” which means to eat with your mouth.

The procession features a pair of giant papier mâché, beautiful muses of Lucban clad in a gown designed and made from indigenous materials, floats and farmers with their Carabaos in costumes.

We also visited Lucban’s  Kamay ni Hesus at the foot of mystical Mount Banahaw and Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna.


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